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Nothing can be more ironic than the people of Japan. They are highly sexually active but their birthrates are rapidly crashing. The way I see it, they do recognize the need for physical intimacy and sensual human interaction. What they just don’t want is their progress be hampered and focus be overridden. They just take what they think they need for the moment. Most of the time they would just go for lust, never love. And with lust, there is no hesitation to contraception. Wow, I think that just rhymed, but to get straight to the point, I would like to show you one of the finest Japanese porn sites that ever came to life. It’s called the All Japanese Pass and you will know exactly why it’s the finest.

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What All Japanese Pass is would be a mix of exclusive and affiliate site videos. That means to say there are categories in the site that you should follow through and there is a great divide, videos from the companies itself and videos from affiliate sites. Altogether, that’s about 5,000 videos for you. All Japanese porn videos. You get to stream all these videos or download them one by one. The quality levels are just the same and you wouldn’t run short because the site expands one day after another. It’s the infinity of all the greatest Japanese porn videos for you.

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