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Border Patrol Sex is an upcoming reality hardcore site that features two border patrol agents taking advantage of illegal immigrates at the borders. There are some hot foreign girls who are determined to live their American dream by sneaking through the border. The patrol agents always spot the girls and capture them, forcing them into sucking their giant cocks and fucking in the deserts against the patrol vehicle, behind bushes and anywhere else that they happen to be.

The girls try to escape but the guys are too good for them. This is a great pussy hunting adventure that will keep your blood racing. Fortunately, most of the girls that are involved here are naturally beautiful and very hot. They come in different flavors, hair colors, cup sizes, shapes and so on. You will wish you were a border patrol agent by the time you are through watching these movies.

Unfortunately, the site is still fairy new and might not sustain you for more than a month. They have about 22 movies which play for about 30 minutes on average. If you watch one of these everyday, you should be through by the time your monthly subscription expires. They promise weekly updates and there are some nonexclusive bonus videos that are offered to the members. So, a one off subscription should enable you to enjoy all the adventures in this site. The 22 movies are all provided in MP4s of varying resolutions and bitrates. You should not have any problem getting HD specs of up to 1920×1080 pixels from these MP4s, but in case you want to use your mobile phone or your internet connection is not very strong, there are quite a number of lower resolution specs to use.

Navigating the site is quite simple. The 22 videos are presented in thumbnails at the homepage. You can click on the images to discover the scenes. Once you are through with one page, an arrow at the bottom will guide you to the next page. Once you find scenes that you like, use the content tags to get similar episodes. The scenes are well described and date-stamped so it’s easy to decide where to start from. There is a favorite’s area where you can store all the videos that you would want to check out later.

If you want to see hot girls getting arrested and sentenced to 40 minutes of cock sucking and hardcore fucking in the ass and pussy, don’t hesitate to join Border Patrol Sex. They have very entertaining episodes that you don’t want to miss.