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Do you hear that? That is Dare Dorm daring you to come and relieve those college days when sex ruled, and parties were the norm! The site has material that is user submitted (according to their claims not ours) of coeds drinking leading to so much sexing for a chance to win some cash.

It seems that college students have a lot of oats to sow and their levels of lusciousness increases every mile they are away from home. That is what the material inside this site leads us to conclude anyway!

Now, since the material is supposed to be user submitted, don’t expect production levels to be similar to PlayBoy. This means lots of shaky hands, weird cut in and outs, and lots of amateur style shooting. This kind of production adds to the realism of the material inside.

The long videos with the Dare Dorm discount can take 53 minutes. The video gallery has 74 videos. The content count is one aspect of this site that is a bit disappointing considering the amount of universities and colleges sex parties that happened on a very frequent schedule.

You cannot download the videos either. Stream them all you like, but you can’t save them. The videos are in various qualities from High Def to not so High Def. The pictures, 74+ galleries of them, are for the most part video captures.

Laughter, sex, bikinis, young coeds, sex, sucking, parties, sexual games, exposed asses and tits are all things you can look forward to seeing inside. The racy playfulness of these students is like an intoxicating drug that drags you into another dimension where anything seems possible with these hot, foxy, beddable coeds!

Honestly, we really don’t care why they do it, be it booze, fun, pressure, or whatever. We are just so lucky that we can watch them do it so hard, so often, so sexy! The submitter(s) are enticed to film their creamy explosions for the site thanks to the promised $ten thousand reward.

In the minds of the young eager to sex students, this is like a viciously large amount of money. The motto inside then becomes, “anything you can do I can better, I can do everything better than you!” The competition works in your favor since you get to see everything that the students lick, swallow, rub, penetrate, kiss, fondle, and touch!

The site could be better if they would make some adjustments and increase their material output. They have live chats, 3rd party links, bonus galleries, all an effort to stretch your membership fee so that you feel you spent your cash well.

On this particular site, the coeds go hard! There is sexing galore, epic parties plus mucho fun to be had inside. The pitfalls we have already state above, so no repeating. The ball is in your court on whether you deem Dare Dorm worth it or not. Our recommendation is that you make your decision wisely!