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Do you prefer it when controversy is like this big thing that hangs over everything when you are watching porn? Does that turn you on infinitely more? Well, there is this little controversial site that is making tsunami like waves in the industry of late. The name? Fake Taxi. The site is from the UK, with hardcore porn that has been causing people sleepless nights and raking controversies a mile high up the sky! We are talking too much, right? However, we just want to give you the full picture before the next person, so let’s discuss this site in depth!

The theme of the porn inside is reality fucking. There are various taxi drivers out looking for one specific thing…not cab fares…hot babes! The taxi guy picks the gal up, her being unsuspecting of anything nefarious about to happen. He then pursues her until the gal gives in and fucks him. All he wants as payment for the taxi ride is tight pussy lips, cumshot, and lots of hardcore sex. Sounds very reasonable, yea?

Porn fans do not take too kindly to pop ups, so this site has to really cut that out. The navigation of the site is of a simple nature, where they still don’t believe in giving members a gazillion advanced features, not yet! They also have to offer updating information so members can prepare a good allotment of time to watch it all! Not much information. They have a model index, a simple one. It is not all bothersome and disappointing features inside the Fake Taxi discount network. Where they have stellar performance is the video section. They make damn sure that you get video options. You will find stream and download paths cleared for you to just grab the content and run, run to a private place and start to enjoy yourself, that is! The sexing scenes are normally long thirty-minute ventures. When you stream you get to have HD videos, and the same is the case when you download. Minor things like mobile formats, file formats, live feeds, bonus feeds, and exclusivity of the action are taken care of.

Anything that is good, worth looking into, has been proposed to be banned by some prick somewhere at some time. This is what happened to this site a couple of years ago. The controversial subject matter of what they display cause people to be queasy about the whole thing, but if you are not a mediocre kind of person, well please do come in!

The authenticity of the content may have been the issue, it being too good, life like, too damn arousing that you cannot think of anything else until you cum back inside! Whatever the case may be, we like the British spin of things when hardcore porn reality themes are concerned. They are stiffening our lips for sure! Yes, you can now go ahead, visit Fake Taxi, and have the most fun while doing it!