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Like everyone else interested in the reality porn theme, you wanna know more about the website called FakeCop before you sign up. Well- the website can be found inside the Fake Hub network. So this is also to say that the production is based on materials and models from Europe and Britain mostly. In the case of this porn site, they are more focused in the British babes, and they work on their niche reality in different levels. The real story is always that you have fake police officers abusing every single shred of power they have and forcing females into sex. If the lady doesn’t want to end up in more trouble than she exists in already, then it’s better if she cooperates.

This is the theme of this website, and it was controversially received when they started. The cops are free to make up charges on the spot, just so that they can put the erect shlong into the mouths of the culprits. And if you get your chance to look at these girls, you will see how lovely culprit they are indeed. You’d also probably make some bull crap excuse to see them naked, or climb deep inside their wet twats. Anyway, the content here is updated with episodes weekly, that is what they say. All the videos are yours, while streaming and saving options are functional. You get to have 1080p HD, which is not to say that they don’t have smaller ones.

Normally, the smaller files play on mobile devices much better than would bigger file, that’s why they are optimized for such devices. You are to role-play with this porn site and forget about the hullabaloo about authenticity and realness of the scenes- its porn after all and all you relay need is to have good enough acting and standout sex acts. The FakeCop discount sex here is mouth-watering to warrant for removal of hardened dicks and liters of cumshots. The police officers sometimes (in the recent updates) are being replaced with security guards, but the storyline remains a constant theme in all the films.

The ladies have fun just as the fake police do, and you get models with gorgeous asses and racks. They have tattooed babes, young harlots, redheads, petite tits, glasses, milfs, and the variety grows wider with updates. Yes, yes, yes, you can check out the network too, it comes attached with the deal. The layout is excessively easy, plain looking even, maybe some remodeling should be considered just to shake things up.

Also, FakeCop website mostly needs to have more and more updates, fill up, but the network access (giving you other storylines, models, themes, hardcore porn, fantasies, etc) makes this deal feasible. Have a look ok!