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Within the site called Joy Bear, there’s a definite cleanliness in the ways of sex that they are interested in, because the site looks meticulously planned for you. In its design, there has been work done because it looks like paradise to surf inside. That’s how you start watching and learning, because if they can impress you at first glance, it’s more likely you’ll be taking them seriously. Therefore, in the background are the dark black design, and then the chapters start. You’ll be warming up as you come up inside the site with titles that insinuate lesbians, pussy eaten, couples, lovely gymnast with flexible legs, some interesting rope bondage too!

It’s clear in all previews that joy\euphoria\elation must be had between the couples as they experiment on different acts. If you look past the performers to the backdrop of the scenes, you see different studio\home settings. They are having sex in offices, beds, saunas, locker rooms, and other places. The latest chapters are the latest British people and scenes with the best resolution, so far. In each case, there’s the overall DVD cover, and then different videos in the DVD with different ladies and gents. Apart from that, you have behind scenes collections. These scenes are funny, real, normal people just acting normal before wanton sex scenes starts.

Anyway, as you browse that you can surf into the model index, journal, or read the lovely descriptions. The small descriptions accurately portray what you need to know, and are slickly worded. They evoke emotion; make you dedicated to click on the play button (if watching online). Your naughty eyes will be watching selection of SD, medium, and top resolution of 1080p from JoyBear. Nevertheless (and it’s damn sad to some people) the updates don’t have linked dates to them so that you can know how fast the updating is done. You’re accessing trailers, and you’re downloading them. A crew who knows how to ramp up the intensity makes the dreamy looking qualities of the films.

It’s also important that the director cast different ladies, because wow, these babes are out of this planet fine looking! They come with different ass to boob ratios; alluring facials, different hairstyles; and the guys also do their most important parts (have muscles and manhood’s that make the ladies drool!) Actors – that’s what they call their particular cast. Maybe because the actors look the part, with makeup and with some passable acting skills, or maybe it’s because they bring to life the sex? The actors want to touch you, and not in the Christian way either friend! In the model index, not a whole lot of information is needed or given, so that’s kinda of a bummer. They have only mp4 files (so we found.)

The films are 30-20 minutes in there; and pictures too in firm digital quality. The journal is interesting with concepts\stories\pics, and you’ll learn something. Content is exclusive. There are other interactive features and navigational tools. It’s easy to see these films played in mainstream outlets like television, because they’re so slickly erotically edited; and apart from the explicit xxx, maybe they would have been. This JoyBear discount has won awards from when they started, you cannot ignore such amazing deals! So, certainly top marks, visit pleasure in this place!