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There is just one immutable truth about love in this world, whether you are dating a beautiful woman in Uranus or your classmate in Grade 2 beneath that mango tree, and it is this: the most important thing in any love story is her happiness. If your boyfriend talks a lot about love but hides the most important part of it as a secret – and that is you – it only affirms that he has really nothing to tell the world. Mike Adriano in his digital diaries, the site that goes by his name, will tell you tales about how love affairs should really be, in the kinkiest kind of way. It should also be an inspiration to you just as it had been to me, so let’s get going with this quick review.

Though he doesn’t want to claim it for himself, I personally believe that Mike is an artist just as everyone in the porn arena believes so. He just has this eye of captivity, that he is able to direct everything in the most elaborate and effective fashion. The way the sex is captured is just purely staggering, the women and their beauties are emphasized, the men are able to exhibit their virile nature and all just goes so well that you cannot deny it of its significance. For the first time perhaps after a very long time, I have finally a porn site that is meaningful beyond its aesthetics. And it’s something no one in the industry should never miss.

If you’re into anal sex, fetishes, masturbations, teenage drama like sororities and frats, Mike has got them going for you. Originally made for his personal journey, it has become a meaningful one for many dreamers as his team — the people behind the camera and the models themselves. Together they have created a family and as such are able to produce over 650 videos to date, the photo galleries just as many but exponentially greater when unleashed — over 100,000 photos to show, all clear and crisp that matches your taste.

Mike Adriano has covered it all. He has the figures, the quality and the models. Needless to say, it’s remarkable enough to become a personal bible for all those who are passionate for porn.