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It is on record that American retailers lose billions of dollars every year to theft and shoplifting is the most common case. Tens of millions shoplifters are said to be in the US and they are making things difficult for shop owners. But, what are the proper punishments for shoplifters – hand them over to the police or take justice into your hand? This question can best be answered by a porn site that had gathered some of the most absurd punishments ever made to shoplifters. Welcome to Shoplyfter where reality porn is taken through another dimension.

There are teen girls who are desperate to steal merchandise from shops and there is a security officer who is watching over them. Sometimes the girls are not so lucky and are caught by the men standing in their ways. But instead of calling the police this man wants to make a quick judgment that will serve as a warning to the girls – he demand for hot sex for exchange of the offence.

It has never been easy for these juveniles as they are subjected to the hardest fuck of their live. First they are asked not only to suck huge cock but deep down their narrow throats and later get banged aggressively as a punishment. Shoplyfter is still new in the business but has already shown some levels of a site that will soon go a very long way in leading the niche.

It is a pure reality porn site with sexy teen girls who get fucked by well hung men while the quality of the content is splendid. The hardcore sex is really hot as the girls are seen begging for a break but what really matters here is to prevent them from coming back to steal. The actions are filmed by hidden cameras but the quality of the videos comes in full HD. Each scene has an interesting storyline and performed really nice by the models that are mainly 18+years.

This site is one of the Team Skeet premium sites and currently has 32+ videos that you will be able to stream and download unlimitedly. Despite having small amount of video collection, this Shoplyfter discount has proved to be a site of class with the ability to become one of the biggest hardcore porn sites on the net. Meanwhile, the content is expected to grow bigger as more amazing videos are shot and added frequently.

There are 32+ picture sets currently available in which over 100 hi-res photos can be picked from each set in zip files. The content is 100% exclusive while the filming is done in a professional ways. You will like this site for the perfect performance of the models while the quality of the content is stunning too. Though it is purely a hardcore porn site but the filming depicts the real life actions that can just happen when a desperate young girls wants to steal from a retailer shop. The membership price is cheap and the actions are hot and very arousing.