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We all have our fetishes and sometimes it can get really weird. I would even admit that I once hated the thought of a women’s pubic hair. It’s always lovely to get “in” them, I know, but sometimes the thought of her having undergrowth in there can get really disturbing from time to time. But when I tried to pull myself in and man up to the kind of licking experience she wants to happen, that’s when all of my negativity was removed. I came to realize that perhaps the pubic hair is among a woman’s crowning glory. Adds more flavor and color to the entirety of the pursuits. All of that becomes a reason for me to be thankful about WeAreHairy.

I don’t think the disambiguation is necessary on this one.The name is beyond explicit, especially for someone who’s lived with an open mind. The premise is simple, the fullness of the sex scenes, it’s all there. The big difference lies where they get to show a big portion of the Va-J-J showcasing the gloriousness of its pubic hair, which I find to be truly legendary. The guy would knock on the door, she’s there lying on the bed with her skirt up and her pantie, a T-back.

With her stomach against the bed, the guy gets a peek into her tight asshole and then the overgrown vaginal hair. He gets attracted to this and she doesn’t mind him getting closer. They fuck and lick and she sucks and he drills her like the end of time is near.

The WeAreHairy discount has become my favorite porn site and perhaps it is not hard to tell that I have developed a fetish for a woman’s vaginal hair. It has become the subject of my foreplay and it never fails to make her aroused all the way, giving her the kind of impetus she needs to get all the way to orgasmic action. In the most recent updates, the site has expanded to over 640 videos and 200 photo galleries. Both of these folders render full HD quality vids and stills. Downloadable, as a matter of fact, yes, they are with certain limits a day.

The site just keeps getting better and because of that I can’t help but become more intoxicated by it. Take to your advantage the glory brought upon by the WeAreHairy.