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I have to admit that I was a bit of a nerd at college and I really do wish that this was not the case when I see what other people seem to be getting up to on College Rules. I mean why would you want to just spend time with your nose in books when others are busy fucking the life out of one another? If you are in college right now and doing the same that I was, then I would advise you to check out this site as it is going to really open your eyes.
You see, this site is just full of hardcore fucking in every conceivable way. You get hot chicks sucking cock. You get hot chicks being fucked in the ass. You get boy/girl scenes, group fucking, there is just so much on there to watch that your studies are probably going to suffer as a result.

One thing that I do particularly love about this site aside from the College Rules discount is that the quality of the content is not always as crisp as you get at other sites. This just adds a touch of realism to it and they do say that there is user submitted content on there, and the thought of it being amateur is just seriously hot. I don’t care if the lighting is not perfect. I don’t care if the angles means that at times you cannot see everything perfectly. I just want to see hot chicks fucking and they seriously do deliver with that part.

For a while it seemed as if the site was no longer updating, but lately it has started to add more content, so you do feel as if you are getting value from your membership. The site is certainly nothing fancy with the way that it is laid out, but moving around is very easy to do and even though the size of the content is not massive, the navigation and search facility is more than adequate.

I really do wish I was back at college because the amount of fun they are having at College Rules is certainly something that has given me a lot of regrets. Yes I might have a nice career, but surely my sex life would have been a lot more interesting?